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Adultifying Soft Drinks; Capitalizing on rising adult demand for non-alcoholic beverages

Adultifying Soft Drinks.jpg

Adult soft drinks appeal to both alcohol drinkers and traditional soft drink consumers. They are defined by GlobalData as non-alcoholic drinks that offer consumers a viable alternative to alcohol by targeting its usage occasions and/or offering a more sophisticated, premium alternative to regular soft drinks.


Key Findings

— Moderation and Avoidance is a key trend driving demand for adult soft drinks among alcohol drinkers.

— 59% of global drinkers ensure they do not drink too much alcohol in general and half are concerned about the long-term health impact of drinking too much alcohol.

— The concept of craft sodas has mainstream appeal.

— 56% of consumers globally would like to see more “craft” style non-alcoholic beverages.


“Adultifying Soft Drinks” explores opportunities to meet rising adult demand for non-alcoholic beverages. It outlines consumer motivations for purchasing adult soft drinks and key innovation trends in adult soft drinks along three pillars — formulation, positioning, and packaging.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Trend Opportunities

— Formulation

— Promotion

— Packaging

3. Conclusions

4. Appendix



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